Erasmus prior to the massacre of Ramnus Prime.

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Erasmus "There desires are irrelevant. This galaxy once knelt before us, and it will do so again." - Erasmus the Undying

Erasmus, also known as Erasmus the Undying or simply the Undying, is the Phaeron of the Ziost Dynasty and is considered to be one of the strongest and most accomplished Necron Overlord to date. Erasmus rules over a Necron stellar empire currently comprising 50 Tomb Worlds. Renowned for his excellent tactical genius and extraordinary survivability. He has led successful campaigns across entire sectors to expand and reconquer territory long lost to him.

History Upon his awakening on his tomb world of dathomir he quickly realized that much had changed, not only in the galaxy he left behind all those aeons ago, but he himself as well. While his mind remanded undamaged unlike many of his peers his body had changed. Able to shift at command between his physical and shadow form, he is now able to ignore damage that would kill a lesser Necron. But at the moment of his awakening his tomb world was under attack by eldar, dark eldar and Harlequins alliance. Thousands of eldar fought a never ending battle on the ground in the air and space. For four years de fighting continued nether side backing down, the end of the fighting was only achieved when the necrons reactivated their pylons and thereby putting a stop to the eldar psychic abilities and severing there connection to the warp. The eldar alliance brook shortly after.

Notable Campaigns

“I am the bringer of death, I am the embodiment of fear, I am the Undying.“ -Erasmus the Undying to the salamanders 1ste company chaplain at the massacre of Ramnus Prime-

789.M41 first contact - a great alliance of eldar, dark eldar and Harlequins attack the tomb world dathomir. The following battle continuous for 4 years only to end in the death of thousands of eldar

796.M41 the massacre of Ramnus Prime - cleansing against one another the Salamander space marine chapter and the Necron legions of the Ziost Dynasty to get control over Ramnus prime ends eventually in the planets destruction.

859.M41 the grand illusion - following the battle of Zandar Erasmus was ambushed by elder wraith hosts. Ending in a victory for the eldar and the death of Erasmus or at least that’s what he wanted them to believe only to return so he could finally break their morale and the grand alliance.

875.M41 a thousand souls – after the defeat of Erasmus and his demise at the hand of the eldar the Ziost dynasty expansion has significantly increased. Targeting the craftworlds of the eldar grand alliance. Killing thousands of eldar every day. Within the shadows of this destruction rumors go over how the Ziost could do this without Erasmus the only explanation Erasmus is not death.

897.M41 death has a returned - whispers of Erasmus survival haunt the Harlequins of craftworld Ma’lay readying there defenses of the Ziost Dynasty’s expansion. After the first waves there greatest fear becomes reality the Undying lives.

Personality Erasmus is a grand strategist. His campaigns operate not only across worlds, but across entire star systems and sectors. As Phaeron of the Ziost Dynasty, Erasmus can draw upon incredible resources, for all of the armies of the entire dynasty are his to requisition at need. Yet the Undying knows that the foe all other sentient life in the galaxy is too numerous to be defeated through force of arms alone. Thus, for Erasmus, terror is a weapon as potent as any in the Necron arsenal, and one he employs to full effect. His armies advance under the cover of storm blackened skies. Enemy armies that advance into the shadow of the storm are simply swallowed up, cut off from all contact whilst the battle lasts. Any warriors that escape from the maelstrom’s clutches do so only to sow panic, fear and dismay amongst their comrades. Worse, some such survivors then serve as a beacon for roaming packs of Flayed Ones.


Erasmus outfitted with his full panoply of war


Necrodermis - Like all Necrons, Erasmus body is built from the self-repairing living metal known as Necrodermis. As befits one of his lofty rank, Erasmus body is of superior craftsmanship and richly adorned, also thanks to the “damage” done by the aeons Erasmus body is able to shift between his physical and shadow form making him almost impossible to hit.

The Nightmare Shroud – is part of Erasmus Necrodermis and enables him to summon the worst terrors of a thousand aeons upon his foes. These terrors assail nearby enemies with phantasms of dread as potent as any mortal danger. With the worst fears summoned from the pits of nightmare thrust into the minds of all those near him. Palpable waves of horror are emitted from his metal-skinned monstrosity, and all who look upon him will find their courage tested to their very limits.

Sempiternal Weave - The Sempiternal Weave is an enhancement of a Necron Overlord's exoskeleton in which filaments of phase-hardened Amaranthine and Adamantium are threaded throughout the Necrodermis, strengthening it.

Resurrection Orb - A Resurrection Orb is a glowing sphere that focuses energy into Necron repair circuits. This allows them to regenerate at a rate faster than normal.

Mindshackle Scarabs - Mindshackle Scarabs are one of the Necrons' primary means for controlling alien species. At the bearer's command, tiny mechanical scarabs bury into the victim's mind and bypass his cerebral functions, turning the victim into little more than a puppet under the mental control of the scarabs' Necron master

Necron Warscythe - A Warscythe is an energy-bladed battle stave that has been the favoured weapon of Necron nobility and their bodyguards for millions of Terran years. To lesser creatures, they are heavy and cumbersome, but can be wielded to great efficiency by the mechanical hands of a Necron.

Gauntlet of Fire - A Gauntlet of Fire takes the form of an armoured glove and vambrace, whose length crackles and flows with green flame. The gauntlet’s mechanisms are controlled by a series of sub-mechadermal filaments, allowing the wielder a level of control over the gauntlet as fine as that over his own hand. A Gauntlet of Fire is capable of firing a great column of viridian flame, with similar effects to an Imperial Flamer, or can be used on close combat for fiery attacks that are more likely to hit and harm the foe; as well as set them alight for a time.

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